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The Mother Of All Sextapes!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

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The Jayne Kennedy sex tape perhaps the oldest home-tape-recorded sex tape of all time, featuring Jayne Kennedy and Leon Isaac Kennedy who were actors in the 1970s, known for their roles in Blacksploitation movies. Jayne Kennedy was the first Black Miss Ohio, the first Black woman Playboy put on their cover , and the first female NFL reporter so Jayne Kennedy really was a big deal at the time. The home movie features Kennedy and her then-husband Leon engaging in intercourse. The tape was supposedlly released to the public by Leon after the two had divorced. Back when the tape was released, computer downloads were still a thing of the future, so circulation was limited.

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The Jayne Kennedy sex tape was pretty hardcore when it was first released, it’s still hardcore by today’s standards. For one thing, it features a fisting  scene. Even your usual porn movie very rarely gets that nasty! Celebrity sex tapes have now become part of the mainstream culture.  Remember the old days when a sex tape could almost destroy a celebrity’s career? Now, they seem to do just the opposite. As we grow increasingly fascinated with public figures who do nothing except know how to be famous, the sex tape has become something of a publicity tool. It can ensure that celebrities will stay in the spotlight because, of course, people want to see famous folk at their most exposed.

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The Jayne Kennedy sex tape is super old so the video quality sucks, but hey it’s part of history! If you want more dirt on the Jayne Kennedy video scandal, just click on the link.